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Restup is a small nuget package which can be used to host a webserver on Windows 10 IoT, or any other UWP platform. It supports REST endpoints as well as static files and is developed as an open source project on GitHub.

When the raspberry pi 2 was released, all windows developers were filled with joy when Microsoft announced the support of windows 10 for this neat device. After a couple of beta builds, we got the RTM version. A crucial piece for this platform is missing, ASP. It might be supported in the future (see post), but until then we need some simple webservice implementation to keep our projects going.

The goal I set for this project: provide a HTTP server supporting REST endpoints and static files in order to keep Windows IoT projects going. Let’s hope there will be a native solution soon, although there aren’t any signs for that yet (if you have one, let me know).

The REST implementation is using the guidelines from tfredrich.

The code is open source and all contributions are welcome.