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Windows IoT background app

I’m working on a Windows UWP webserver for hosting REST api’s. Today I tried to move from a headed to a headless demo application, but that didn’t go as smooth as I hoped. It should be quite straight forward: Download the background app template Create a new “Background Application (IoT)” project Implement…


The Quick Quit pattern

In these days of automated builds, automated testing, automated deployment, etc we tend to forget the importance of a good code review strategy. All this automation could easily mislead to the idea that you are in control. When those green balls appear, you get a smile upon your face, lean…

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Browsing pdf’s on the raspberry pi II

Couple of days ago a colleague started a question with “wouldn’t it be cool if..”. This kind of start will always mean that:

  1. It’s something off the books
  2. It eat up your spare time
  3. You can’t ignore it, cause it’s too cool

That’s exactly what happened. He asked me “wouldn’t it be cool if we could use the raspberry pi 2 to view our monitoring systems”. Yes that would be cool, but there is one problem. Those monitoring system rely on pdf’s with information and the WebView xaml control doesn’t support pdf.

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UWP unit-test – cannot resolve assembly

A few weeks ago I started building a REST webservice as a Windows UWP app (if you’re interested, it’s hosted on github). This morning I wanted to add some unit-tests, but somehow couldn’t build anymore. I got this error: Type universe cannot resolve assembly: System.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a That’s weird.…

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